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And doctors are going to need to learn how to deal with all the data their patients are beginning to bring them. Right now, Robinson says, people in the Quantified Self movement to share their information with their doctor, but their doctor doesn really know what to do with it. The founder and CEO of Wolfram Research and founder of the technology company WolframAlpha, thinks the data will eventually redefine what doctors do.

The new marketing will kick off Feb. 28 with a 30 second TV spot asking consumers, “Shouldn’t everything we do in life be worth it?” and touting JC Penney’s ability to make shopping worth their while. JC Penney created a logo with a shopping bag handle to help promote the effort, which will be rounded out with social media, digital and print advertising as well.

TESFA also trains girls how to communicate and negotiate with others around health and financial matters. This is critical as child brides worldwide have little say over household decisions, let alone their life path husbands and in laws tend to make those decisions. The communication training is proving to be a vital element of the curriculum for girls, which was not what researchers expected.

Last week, Intel announced plans to invest $1 billion in building the world’s largest microchip assembly factory in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. Factories contracted by Nike employ 160,000 people, and recently increased their annual production to 70 million pairs of shoes, making Vietnam the world’s second largest source of Nike sneakers. (China is the largest.) The attraction for investors is obvious: Vietnam’s labor force is educated, young and growing, while wages are even lower than in China’s coastal cities.

Kelly left Oregon with the school under investigation by the NCAA for recruiting violations. The Ducks eventually got three years of probation. Although the NCAA determined Kelly didn’t know about the violations, he was still given an 18 month show cause order, requiring any school wishing to hire him to justify its decision to the Committee of Infractions.

Yes, you’re not misreading the title. Tonight I’m off to Tulum, Mexico for a week at the Bikini Boot Camp at Amansala. Personally, I think it’s a terrible name for what is a fabulous week. Moreover, in the recent past we have tried to correct one of our weaknesses our distribution momentum and push. Over the past year, we increased our distribution by almost 50,000 outlets. This has come on the back of certain SKU strategies, like our ‘Deo Shots’ range, that comprises small 40 ml deo bottles available for Rs.

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