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The hottest point guard of the spring/summer circuit (at least, until Trae Young’s Peach Jam explosion) is looking like he’ll either end up at UK or Duke, though Syracuse and Villanova are among many others in the mix. Green a 6 1 prospect from Philadelphia recognizes that there’s a very small pool of point guards being recruited by the Cats and Blue Devils and acknowledged that whoever “commits first” likely will get those spots. Duke is the popular choice as his destination, though UK watched him plenty at Peach Jam and can’t be counted out, especially if Young commits elsewhere early in the process.

Student loans have become a source of concern, though, as they become a greater proportion of the debt Americans owe and those debts are not being paid back. In 2007, student loan debt was less than 5 percent of the debt Americans owned. That figure has more than doubled in 10 years to nearly 11 percent..

And for Beijing 2008, red was almost relegated to the borders, as Team GB donned a simple white and blue ensemble partly to differentiate themselves from the look of nations with similar focal colours, such as the US and France. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more..

I think the second side is to remember just because [something] has a game element doesn make it a good game. There lots of video games that fail all the time, and they have lots of leader boards and badges. And similarly you see that in the workspace.

In total, the fake goods are believed to be worth million.Four men were arrested on suspicion of illegal trading at the market.Afterwards, six homes in Birmingham were searched by police and trading standards officers who found more conterfeit items and a quantity of money. The men were released while trading standards make further enquiries.”Wellesbourne market is a popular local feature in south Warwickshire. It is also sadly an opportunity for “rogue traders” to ply counterfeit and illegal goods.

In Florida IMG have a ‘client factory’ a school for 450 gifted young athletes. The goal is to create the next Tiger Woods or Andre Aggasi, with all the vast endorsement earning potential that implies. Cream of the crop is Maria Sharapova Just 14 years old, IMG are convinced that the young Russian tennis player is going to be a global star.

You have to get out there so people know you exist, and I think it’s important to play as many shows in front of as many different people as possible, but it shouldn’t be at the same bar every week. I could go back and forth for hours too. In any case, His Mischief won’t play in town again til at least the fall, so you should come hang out with us this Friday at the 501..

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