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Acting as a signifier, this mystifying light creates the impression that James is channeling his greatness through God himself. Along with the pose, the text could be seen as having religious meaning. Though the word “witness” is occasionally used in a negative light, as in witness to a crime, in this advertisement it can take on a more religious connotation, as if James came from a higher power and we must witness his glory.

CBA comes into its opener having run the second fastest time trials (both two miles) in school history at both Holmdel (10:43) and at CBA’s course (9:31.1). At the CBA time trial this sumner, the 9:31.1 was just two seconds off the course record set by the 2012 team, and the Colts put a record 14 guys under 10 minutes. Sports mobile app Like us on Facebook Customize: Track your favorite team’s scores and schedule.

“You should enjoy a latte every now and then,” says Chris Whitlow, co Founder and CEO of Edukate, a workplace financial wellness provider. “Lattes and avocado toast are impulse buys that are tied to emotions and experiences. Make a concerted effort in cutting your big expenses and you can build your smaller expenses in.”.

With the win, the Patriots have now started the season with at least three wins in their first four games in each of the last four seasons. They’re the only team in the league to start 3 1 or better in each of those years. The victory also improved Belichick’s career coaching mark to 156 91 0, giving him a win percentage of .6316.

The tournament will be held in Dubai from Aug. 9 through Aug. 16, after a three day training camp in Doha, Qatar. The winning campaigns demonstrate mobile’s singular ability to bring a brand closer to its consumers, engaging customers with immersive, meaningful experiences that lead to tangible business outcomes. This campaign leveraged the power of mobile with an aim to locate and consume relevant social interactions, globally, and in real time, in order to provide guidance to consumers about places and venues trending at the exact time of their search. As mobile technology and capabilities advance, the creativity, innovation and impressive results in mobile marketing set the stage for a future of what’s possible,” said Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer, MMA.

The agency hired director Hannah Hempstead (who’s done spots for Skippy, Heinz, etc.) with the instruction to make it a la National Geographic . And cheap. Along with other cost savers, Hempstead used frequent flyer coupons and pared her crew to two including W producer Bill Davenport on sound. Additional savings came from tenting out with the Samburu tribespeople during the three day shoot..

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