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Solid economic expansion, coupled with a rapid market transformation and a series of government reforms, mean China the world’s second largest economy is no longer just a country for low cost manufacturing. It is also an increasingly attractive destination to do business.Several western companies including global giants such as Starbucks, Volkswagen, Boeing and Procter Gamble have established a presence in the country.But despite China’s increasing influence, challenges remain for those looking to do business in the country. Intense competition, corruption, business etiquette and language are some of the barriers that can be faced.Here are five things you should know before doing business in China.A mosaic of marketsChina is the world’s most populous nation, with its sprawling 1.3 billion people making up a highly diverse market.”There is no such thing as the Chinese market,” says Martin Roll, a business and brand strategist who provides advisory to global and Asian brands on China.

But the four judges are not alone. DNA has reliably learnt that barring a small minority, many other judges are equally anguished by the state of affairs inside the apex court. Reports of mediation have filtered out, but ultimately, the ball is squarely in the court of the Chief Justice, who has reached out to the four judges, but remained silent on the entire crisis..

Well shucks. There goes our only backup plan. Ugh.. Tends to be my strategy, I don intend it to be, said the senior Buckaroo. Wish I could just blow by them and sprint past them by a lot, but I tend to stick with them because I gotten a lot better at kicking. I used to suck at it, but my coach (Nicole Stewart) has really helped me.

Michael Ring, Minister for Rural and Community Development said, “I am delighted to be associated with this major announcement on Moorehall which undoubtedly demonstrates that the Council is focused on developing potential tourism assets throughout the county to foster rural job creation. This project will complement existing tourism attractions in the area including Ballintubber Abbey, Lough Carra and historic Ballinrobe. This is an excellent example of a tourism project where the benefits can seep into rural villages and towns..

The Barefoot Shoe FadIn the last few years, I’ve started to see more and more people wearing gorilla shoes you know, those foot glove things that have a slot for each toe. First, there was a guy at the park jogging, and then I saw another person wearing them at the grocery store, of all places. I wasn’t the only one doing a double take.

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