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We loved the show and the company we saved. So to the title of this weblog, ‘Large fish, little fish? What’s that all about? Well, the last present we went to, a small present in the south, three of the identical little show workforce were colour champions. Which was nice, improbable the truth is! However would I fairly be a ‘massive fish’ in a small pond? I’m glad in the large pond with the big fish and I will tell you why.

Looking at an immigration policy, it’s estimated that there are 1 million undocumented workers living in Los Angeles. For a variety of reasons, including deportation, stronger border policies, stronger employment enforcement and the high cost of housing in the region, this number should be reduced in the next few years. One consequence of this reduction is a smaller supply of low skilled workers and, in turn, an increase in wages for the remaining low skilled workers.

Voted the best Super Bowl commercial of all time in 2011 by readers of Advertising Age, Coke Kid, Catch told a full, heartstrings pulling story in 60 seconds while setting the standard for featuring sports celebrities in commercials. The 1980 ad was so popular that the following year NBC released The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid, an hour long TV movie based on the ad, in which Joe Greene adopts a 9 year old boy. Multiple versions of the ad were created for international audiences, some featuring soccer stars like Diego Maradona..

Though he dominated stat categories, his greatness was always questioned by the one category that his name was absent from. The companies say they are working with manufacturers and the health clubs 24 Hour Fitness and Virgin Athletic Health Clubs to allow members to plug their iPod Nanos into cardio equipment. They can then track workouts, set goals and upload the information to a Nike website.

BILLINGS The Amber Alert for two Billings children Abbigail and Gabriella Stratton who were reportedly abducted by their non custodial parents has been canceled. On Tuesday, with officials saying that the children have been found and are safe in Great Falls, and that suspect Daniel Stratton is now in custody.Lt. Casey Hafner of the Billings Police Department said that Stratton was arrested on a $15,000 custodial interference warrant.Great Falls Police Department, Cascade County Sheriff Office and the FBI were all instrumental in locating the children, Hafner said.The Great Falls Police Department posted the following message on Facebook:At 0738 this morning a cooperative effort among local and federal law enforcement officials led to the capture of the male suspect and the recovery of the two children reported in yesterday’s Amber Alert.

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