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Albert was 17, about to graduate from Kaleva Norman Dixon High School, in Brethren, Michigan (a couple of years in front of classmate James Earl Jones), when his father died. He also was working as a lumberjack at the time, cutting down trees for 25 cents apiece with a two man hand saw. Army recruiting sergeant showed up at our school and wrote down all of our names, he recollects.

One of the most famous photographs in sports journalism is of the 1965 game between rival schools Deerfield Academy and Mount Hermon in which the game went on before full stands as a huge fire consumed Mount Hermon’s science building right behind the bleachers. Would you like to know the story behind the famous photo? NYT has the details: “Halftime came. Officials conferred about how to handle the nettlesome situation.

10. Get in bed on time, and sleep the full eight. I saved this one for last because it’s so crucial. The coaches are all very professional. You can’t say no to the facilities there. When I went on my unofficial visit, we got to watch two games against Vermont.

Union Pacific had a hazardous response team and other contractors on the way to contain the oil, Hunt said in an email Friday afternoon. They were bringing foam for the train car that was still burning, air quality monitoring equipment and oil spill containment booms. It wasn’t immediately clear how much oil was released..

Now, here we are 16 years later, and the people of Oregon still haven’t been able to undo the damage that 1999 vote did to the state. The most recent attempt to overturn the law happened and failed in July 2015. Gentrification was all fine and well when it was the people of Portland pushing less fortunate people who were also from Portland out.

If our emotions are going to go up and down based on injuries we’re not going to be very good. And that’s what we’ve learned this year. We have to be able to try to be resilient and play through that stuff. Ashton Eaton and his then fianc, Brianne Theisen Eaton, strolled through the streets of London, looking for the perfect souvenir to commemorate their experience at the 2012 Olympics. They saw a couple of unique shirts, but, as Nike athletes, both had more shirts than they could ever wear. They considered buying a coffee mug, but knew their cupboard was already full.They finally found a ceramic Christmas ornament of Big Ben and a red double decker bus, and bought it without hesitation.”It was the perfect souvenir,” Theisen Eaton said in an interview at the NYRR Millrose Games.

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