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Local review: As for the Falcons and the Titans, well, like everyone else, each side is going to talk about how much they love their collection of picks. We loved the Falcons defensive additions in the first three picks, adding speed and pass rushing talent as well as as interior offensive lineman. A lot of the Titans final draft review will be determined by the first round selections.

RR didn I sort of see this as Nebraska when they handed over the reigns to Bill Callahan. The people on the outside thought, what the heck are they thinking. The fans were split. The Sandburg High School Boys cross country team placed 10th at state, and have placed in the top 10 six of the last seven years. The boys were led by 3rd place finisher Dylan Jacobs and fellow All State runner Martin Skucas. Having six runners racing in their first state meet and finishing in the top 10 was a tremendous accomplishment for the Eagles. Additionally, Jacobs went on to qualify for the Nike Cross Country National Championships. Only 30 individual runners in the country qualify for the national championships. (High School District 230 photo).

Trump wanted to cut almost $17 billion from foreign aid. House Republicans countered with a reduction of $10 billion. Embassies overseas. And when it came to the needs of the wheelchair rugby team, their specially designed wheelchairs allowed only certain parts of their body to be cooled. So, there was a need to develop a vest that can be worn on the sidelines during breaks in the action. And for Williams and Hutchinson, that became a class project..

Old Spice fared better by growing 1.2%, albeit to only $17 million.Here, it’s less clear the category was moved so much by big brother Old Spice as by naughty little brother Tag.The latter, originally launched by Gillette Co. In 2004 before P bought it in 2005, helped define the category downward in age, officially targeting boys as young as 16, doing at least some marketing and research in high schools, and casting a far broader media net than Axe, which officially targeted males 18 24.Both brands became popular among middle school boys, who became so infamous for applying them liberally that schools coast to coast banned the products.Boys’ embrace of body spray, and women taking note of that, may have turned off men, said Karen Grant, senior beauty industry analyst with NPD Group. “When you’re in stores now and see 9, 10, 11 year olds asking for body spray,” she said, “adults might be saying, ‘I don’t want to be using something a kid is using.'”.

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