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“I like conflict,” Trump said recently. “I like having two people with different points of view, and I certainly have that. Then I make a decision. Handful Bra ($40) While most sports bras can suit smaller busted women for all activities, from yoga to running, if you want a bit more padding, this bra will do the trick. Handful features removable pads, a simple X back, and the thin, delicate straps that only an A cup can pull off. B cups can also try Lululemon’s Energy Bra..

Painted the worst picture possible, Colleen said. Knew I had to call Bill. When I did, I actually said, need to pull over. That reflects the stance by China leaders that coal will remain a key piece of its ongoing economic expansion, even as the communist nation has become the world leader in renewable energy development.Pointing to China example, industry representatives stress that coal remains essential to balancing the global energy budget into the foreseeable future. Potential increases in India and southeast Asia be the driving force of demand for coal in the decades to come, said Benjamin Sporton, chief executive of the World Coal Association.put in some context, even with the cancellation of some proposed plants, planned capacity additions in India are still more than three times greater than Germany, a major coal user, Sporton said in a statement released by the London based organization in response to Wednesday report.The group did not directly dispute the claim that coal growth in the power sector will peak by 2022.Meanwhile, finding money to build coal plants is getting harder, Roberts said. That driven in part by some major investors such as pension funds and multinational insurance companies that have pledged to stay away from coal projects because of their air pollution and climate impacts.The head of Storebrand Asset Management, Norway largest private asset manager with more than $90 billion under management, Jan Erik Saugestad said coal investors living on borrowed time as institutional money instead pours into solar and wind projects.

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) More than 76,000 Hamilton County residents cast their ballots in Super Tuesday elections, but more than 4,000 of them voted for people who weren’t even running in the race.There were no write in candidates who qualified in Tuesday’s primary, but that didn’t stop thousands of people from filling in the blank with names of ineligible candidates.”We just do not have the time to count how many votes Mickey Mouse received for an election,” said Kerry Steelman, Hamilton County Administrator of Elections.Official write in candidates must get 25 signatures at least 50 days before an election to qualify, but none qualified for any of Tuesday’s political races.If a write in candidate is not qualified, then the Election Commission doesn’t have to tally or keep record of all the write in candidate’s names.”It’s imperative for us to ensure that we have the results for all of the candidates who have qualified to be on the ballot,” Steelman explained.In the Presidential race, there were 134 write in votes, nearly 2,700 write in votes for Criminal Court Judge, and over 1,200 write in votes for Assessor of Property.To save time, the Election Commission focuses on votes for qualified candidates only.”All those votes are counted, as opposed to the votes for write in candidates that are not qualified candidates,” Steelman said.An outside company is brought in to audit votes from random precincts. Final certified election results are due to the state on the 21st of this month. President Donald Trump gestures to people cheering him across the tarmac as he, arrives on Air Force One with first lady Melania Trump and their son Barron Trump at Palm Beach International Airport, in West Palm Beach, Fla., .Trump signs $1.3 trillion budget after threatening vetoTrump signs $1.3 trillion budget after threatening vetoUpdated: Saturday, March 24 2018 3:52 PM EDT2018 03 24 19:52:06 GMT.

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