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He’s not in the studio either, though you’d hardly notice. This week four reissues, all newly remastered from originals, hit the racks: “Elvis 56” (documenting his miracle music year), “Heart and Soul” (a collection of ballads), “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (numbers from Elvis’ movies) and “Great Country Songs.” These follow the September release of the CD “Elvis: 30 1 Hits,” which ruled the Billboard chart for weeks Presley’s 10th top ranked album in 47 years! OK, so in 1987 RCA issued “The Number One Hits,” and that one contained only 18 songs. So they had to raid other lists besides Billboard’s to pad it out.

I say this as I type holding a sick, fussy and unhappy baby on my chest. If this young lady didn have a lot of family or support nearby, it possible she shows all the signs and no one noticed to get her the help she needed. The cocktail of hormones we have a few weeks after giving birth affect most of us to some extent, some worse than others.

Thomas Padrick reinstated 13 years of prison time, but suspended all of it. In Albemarle County Circuit Court, Judge Paul Peatross found him guilty of a probation violation on April 15, 2014, reinstated eight years but suspended all but 30 days. Washington served 24 days, from May 20 to June 13, according to Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail records..

Major Kenneth Ball has been appointed provisional Chief of Police. The Mayor will be holding a press conference on Monday, August 28 to discuss this more. According to his official bio, James D.. I’ve written about it before in an article about things people get wrong about the Midwest. It was there that I mentioned that, despite its lengthy reign as the shitholiest of Midwest shitholes, Iowa is every bit as progressive as California in a lot of ways. For example, they were the fourth state in the nation to legalize same sex marriage.

Most of the structure retains its original integrity, which dates back as far as 1762. The log house served as the home to the Walker and Ewing families for more than 200 years before being gifted to the Pittsburgh History Landmarks Foundation. Robert and Jane Grace purchased the log home from the foundation and donated the structure and property to the historical society in 1998..

The engine is paired with an eight speed automatic from German transmission maker ZF Friedrichshafen. It has cool to the touch metal shifter paddles behind the steering wheel for those who crave control, but really, I reckon the transmission is better at the task of gear selecting than you. Certainly better than me..

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