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Fashion isn’t the only category to capture a more contemporary understanding of gender identity. In the spirits category, scotch whiskey distiller Bruichladdich dropped the stereotypical masculine heraldry and heavy, rich tones and silhouettes that have been commonplace in the category, in favor of a modern, minimalist approach and a surprising vibrant blue. It not only distinguishes the brand, but also feels genuinely inviting and exciting, without alienating.

Charles Revson knew this well. As the founder of the Revlon cosmetic company once said, “In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.” The Lululemon logo now represents an impulse to exercise and be healthier; wearing it announces your membership in an elite club of enlightened people. The company may have been founded on yoga principles, but Lululemon’s real genius lies in what some analysts call the “Blue Ocean” strategy the ability to foster new demand in an uncontested market instead of competing for pre existing customers.

The global financial crisis of 2008 changed the importance of credit ratings. Investors were badly burnt from erroneous (and in some cases fraudulent) ratings given by these CRA on assets that were of very poor quality. The vast majority of the mortgage backed securities that went belly up had the highest AAA ratings.

They recognize that they need to understand their customers more than just developing new drugs and hoping that people are going to buy them. So it does create new kinds of business opportunities. And I can see lots of different kinds of firms, besides pharma, getting into the space as well.

Hauger has shown a clear penchant for comeback wins in her limited time on the team. She pulled off the feat at the Cal Nike Invitational and did so twice at the regional championships. Before her come from behind win in the doubles semifinals, she won a 2 6, 6 2, 1 0 (10) match against Stanford’s Melissa Lord in the consolation singles draw..

“I was training twice a week on a miserable, cold night,” explains Vardy. “Your training was to go out and do a bit of ball work, a bit of fitness and then finish off with a game. It was constantly just lengths of the pitch. Je ne suis pas du tout nostalgique des installations de mon enfance. J mieux celles de mon quartier actuel. Par contre, j grandi dans une banlieue loigne, c quasi la campagne.

“Remember, we just moved right in on them last year. I told Larry, I feel like we’re bad company that stayed too long in your home.’ I know I gave him a lot of little and a lot of big heart attacks but through it all he always maintained his integrity, his more than wonderful demeanor and was a true gentleman always. What an ambassador for the game of golf,” Wrisley said..

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