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At Hunterdon Family Eye Care patients are provided with the best in eye health care. Hunterdon Family Eye Care offers comprehensive adult and pediatric vision care in a warm, caring environment. The office is equipped with state of the art imaging equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, testing for glaucoma, macular degeneration and other ocular conditions..

The ad, critics charged, exploited a dead man to go through the motions of chastising Mr. Woods in order to get over the scandal and back to the more important business of selling Swoosh bearing items. Yes, it went viral, but given the scandal’s unprecedented juxtaposition of tawdry sexual details with the world’s most famous athlete and golf’s most prestigious tournament what ad wouldn’t have?.

Hall has been to five Olympics, usually as a participant athlete, and he has yet to see one Opening Ceremony live, in person. Hall watched on TV, like the rest of us, and scored the Opening Ceremony a 9.2 out of 10. (The 1936 Berlin Olympics, on the other hand, might have scored a minus 0.072 on the same scale, Hall noted, because points have to be deducted for artistic impression whenever Nazis and racism are involved.) Hall came up with a nifty proposal: a judging system for future Opening Ceremonies, complete with a panel of Olympic judges anyone but Paula Abdul or The Hoff.

Who will be your advocate?We don’t have to worry about that. Chrysler made its reputation on design, thanks to Tom. Who is going to take that away? Do you think Richard Schaum is going to argue? Do you think Wolfgang Bernhard and Dieter Zetsche don’t know that? They are a pleasure to work with.The other day, we were wrapping up a product review.

Midfielder John Fox of Brunswick School in Greenwich, Conn., has committed to Virginia. Fox, a high school sophomore, will take a postgraduate year before joining the Cavaliers. The 5 foot 11, 160 pound recruit participated in Delaware MVP (All Star), Prep School Showcase, Moonlight Showcase, Baltimore Summer Kickoff, CrabFeast, Best of the Best, Philly Invitational Team Showcase (all star), Terrapin Shootout, Maverik Showtime and National Invite 175 (summer and fall).

They call it knit. Said, if the fashion police theoretically could lodge one complaint about the new uniforms, it might be those undershirts, which from a distance could make the entire team appear as if every player biceps were covered in blue and gold tattoos. Not that there necessarily anything wrong with that..

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