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At his peak, Lance Armstrong transcended what remains a niche sport. But running is a different beast altogether. Though all sports carry cultural significance through their ritual and drama, track and field can be traced to antiquity we freight the act of running and throwing and jumping with ideals of excellence and perfection and purity.

Just the simple act of watch wearing reveals an intentional awareness, and watches can often be a symbolic gift from a wife to a husband for an anniversary or from a parent to a child for a birthday. The unfortunate thing is, these symbolic gifts eventually stop on you. Batteries give out, intricate mechanisms get frazzled, spring winders get unwound.

The smell of body paint and anticipation. The sounds of the stands going wild. The lights shining onto the uniform clad players. There are as many great stories at Selkirk College in a given year as there are students, faculty and staff. That’s means thousands of individuals in 2014 could tell stories of how lives have been transformed through education and training offered at Selkirk College. As the clock ticks down to 2015, we don’t have the time to get to all of them.

And many are couples such as Russ and Maureen Smith, Gary and Janelle Kelley, Bob and Kathy Arias, and Phil and Linda Ferrara all from Anne Arundel County. Trekkers have no age requirements, though nearly all are 60 years old or older, with many in their 70s and 80s. The youngest, Arnold’s Paul Hodapp, is 32; the oldest, also from Arnold, is 85 year old Bill Daly.

Right now they talking shit and I know that extremely stressful, but what I need you to know right now me explain the media thing because I want to get this point across. What I saying is like, 10 years from now there going to be people writing reports that were at this concert right now and they going to know and feel the passion, the creativity, the surrealness that went into this.You know, I actually cool with the paparazzi at this point. I have no rage for that shit.

Masahiro “Hiro” Akashi (’15) is a second year UCLA Anderson MBA candidate with a passion for integrating technology in the health care industry. Prior to pursuing his degree, Akashi served as management consultant for the Japanese company Swan Dental Group, advising the CEO in operations. Although he was offered the CEO position if he were to stay with the company, Akashi decided to enroll at Anderson to help him achieve his vision of establishing WHITE CROSS, a dental education company he believes will revolutionize the Japanese dental industry..

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