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NGO’s serve as long arms of their sponsoring states gathering intelligence, burnishing their image, and promoting their interests. There is a revolving door between the staff of NGO’s and government bureaucracies the world over. The British Foreign Office finances a host of NGO’s including the fiercely “independent” Global Witness in troubled spots, such as Angola.

HS Select was won by Outlaws 2020 (game was not close, there were a lot of teams in the mix, Stix only had one team in the division not sure why)MS Elite was won by Stix 2023 (they played a U15/13 Roswell team (score differential was two but they got up by 5 or so and controlled the last ten minutes with no problem))Youth division was won by a West team (I did not see the game)The weather conditions on Sunday were horrible and kept the games closer and scoring down in the earlier games. There were over 80 teams from all over with most of the top programs represented. Some real good games.Was just talking to someone recently about Creekview.

In one particular college scrimmage, on the opposite court from the action, James was playing 1 on 6 with a group of 10 year olds. They tried trapping him in the corner with their smothering defense. James dribbled around them all as if they were stationary cones, and pulled up for fadeaway jumpshots while sporting a backpack..

During the week on Cities I quoted Townsend (2013) description of”urban space as an irredeemable patchwork”, 2013, p. 3. Over the module this metaphor of a patchwork can be further applied to the multiple academic disciplines that become stitched together in any critical analysis of Digital Cities, consequently leading to diverse responses each week, by the participating students..

A GRIP ON SPORTS Anything happen yesterday? Other than thousands crowding the streets of Spokane, the M pitching staff suffering from whiplash and Lionel Messi calling it quits in international competition? Oh, nothing then. Yesterday was a family day, a day packed with joy and celebration. In other words, we didn watch the M play.

Bosh’s endorsements are listed as Nike, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Nice Tie, Panini, and FantasyDraft. Janssen pays Bosh to endorse their blood thinner Xarelto, which he has taken in the past. Are coming to realize the benefits to students of Olympic Sport Fencing. Sport fencing has been a small but ever present sport in America since the 19th century. Usually, and erroneously, associated with the privileged class, it has found little place at large in the ball dominate sports arena in America.

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