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His stake in PPR, which owns labels Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta, has risen almost 30 per cent since early March.Philip Knight’s fortunes riseNike co founder Philip Knight, who was worth $8.2 billion in March, has watched shares of his sportswear company rise nearly 35 per cent since March, adding roughly another $1 billion to his fortune.The former University of Oregon track star teamed up with a coach to start the shoe company in 1964. They gained traction with innovative waffle sole, swoosh logo and pricey superstar endorsements (such as Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods). Today, Nike is the largest sports footwear and apparel company in the world, with sales of $18.6 billion in fiscal 2008.Knight has spent much of his time recently focused on philanthropy.

The context is, James is 33, nearing 30,000 points and is in his 15th season. He’s gone to seven straight Finals and, apparently, loves the Cavs’ “potential” for an eighth. He was asked Thursday in Toronto how long he thinks he might be able to keep all of this going, and, for not the first time said missing his three children grow up could cut his career short..

The key to any meaningful collegiate sports reform is to do away with this fundamentally dishonest “spirit of amateurism,” which is the root of so many NCAA ills, and creates the black market in the first place. It’s nothing more than a fig leaf for pervasive corruption. Take away the incentives for bribery, kickbacks and money laundering.

Footage taken by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows workers stood by a door at a slaughterhouse in the northern province of Hebei. As dogs are led through the door, the men kill them with a heavy stick. Sometimes it takes several blows to finish off the unwitting animals.

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“Lamar was here last night around midnight,” a Wokcano server tells the website. “He came in with a friend and walked around the restaurant as if he was looking for someone.” Adds the server: “It was odd that he didn’t sit down to eat. He actually seemed distracted.

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