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“Right now we going to go ahead and investigate it as an arson,” Ward said. And Ruby Rivers, were in their late 80s. RT Rivers was a longtime business owner and preacher while Ruby was a mother to several children.The fire was so intense, investigators at the scene were initially unable to identify the two bodies, so they were transported to the state medical examiner office in Nashville for analysis.Ward said as the investigation went along Friday, officials at the house sensed something very strange.”What our noses told us, from what we smelled, and what the dog hit, we felt like there might have been an accelerant there,” the sheriff said.In his 35 years in law enforcement, Ward says he never had a fire with an accelerant that didn turn out to be an arson.

This is what you can do for Windows Steps: 1. Double click on My Computer to open the My Computer window. 2. I was born in Mexico. Hadn latched on to it via the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. When I came to Michigan, did I cross the border illegally? The treaty was really kind of forced on us, after all.

Speaking on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio as co host of the show “Out of Bounds”, Perez said: “He’s the biggest name in the game, he is the needle mover, he is the needle. He is everything in the game today still until he walks away, he is always going to be the name. He is the game of golf as we know it today..

If you are starting a company and have created a unique name that you would like to protect for years to come, it may be a strategy you wish to take. However, the process of obtaining a federal trademark can be complex and it is recommended to use an experienced attorney for the process. Examples of what you might want to trademark could also include a particular logo, tag line or phrase..

The first week Jordan played for the Bulls, official scorer Bob Rosenberg looked up to find him studying the scorebook every time he reported to the table to re enter the game. It didn’t take long to figure out why. Knowing everybody’s point and rebound totals, Jordan knew how the newspaper stories the next day would begin.

Some Democratic targets are more like long shots. But the party might be poised to take advantage of Republican retirements in Kansas’ 2nd District, where the former Democratic candidate for governor Paul Davis is running, and even in Texas’ 21st. That district was the product of a Republican gerrymander, but it does not look as strong as it did just a few years ago..

UNC is off to a strong start with the 2017 class with the Felton commitment. That’s a blow for UNC, which had shown some high interest in Tilmon. Days before he reached his decision, Tilmon spoke of his admiration for Williams and his staff. Roster were with English clubs last season, including Donovan during a three month loan, so the teams know each other well. And the supporters have a fairly good knowledge, too. That’s why this match has captured public imagination on both sides of the Atlantic.

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